Why Are We So Connected to Sports?

This post first appeared on my main blog, mnmohawk.wordpress.com Next to soldiers coming home and surprising their families, sports videos on YouTube are always tear-jerkers for me. But not just any sports videos - sports videos of my team doing something amazing. Brett Favre throwing a touchdown pass against the 49ers with 2 seconds left … Continue reading Why Are We So Connected to Sports?


Rethinking the College Football Playoff (already)

Ohio State should not be in the college football playoff this year. In the 2012 BCS National Championship game, Alabama defeated LSU 21-0. This matchup was interesting for a number of reasons, not least of which being that Alabama and LSU play in the same division in the same conference. Alabama lost to LSU that … Continue reading Rethinking the College Football Playoff (already)

Gopher Football Fashion

When you’re team hasn’t won a national title in over 50 years, and their most recent conference championship is also approaching the 50 year milestone, you begin to grasp at any reason for why the team is doing poorly That’s a bit dramatic for this topic. Part of me does wonder if we can win … Continue reading Gopher Football Fashion